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This Italian city offers to pay rent for new residents


This Italian city offers to pay rent for new residents 5


As long as you stay there for a while.

It is a rather daring idea that tries the village of Teora, in Italy. Located in Campania, 1.5 hours by car from Naples, the village offers people wishing to come and settle in the region to pay the rent of new residents for two years. The goal ? Increase its population which has continued to decline since the earthquake of 1980. It thus hopes to differentiate itself from the cities which sell houses for 1 € in order to attract new blood.

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“I don’t believe in selling empty houses for 1 euro, that doesn’t encourage people to stay in town”, has explained Stefano Farina, the mayor of Teora, at CNN Travel. Indeed, for one euro, holidaymakers invest in an inexpensive holiday home but do not contribute to repopulating the village all year round. To ensure this parameter, one of the conditions for having access to the city’s offer is to settle there with the family, so at least one child will be enrolled in school.

Buy or Rent

Concretely, newcomers benefit from a sum of 150 € per month to cover the cost of renting accommodation for two years. Knowing that rents are around € 200 per month, this means that new residents would only pay rent of € 50 per month. For people who want to buy, the city will help them up to 5,000 euros to buy a property, some of which are already available from 30,000 euros. Unlike homes for sale for a pittance, these don’t especially have to undergo major renovations. The last condition for coming to settle cheaply in Teora is to stay there for at least three years.

Primavera Teorese… 🌞

Published by Teora AV sure Monday, April 4, 2016

“About two babies are born in Teora each year, while around 20 elderly people die there. We are barely 1,500 inhabitants. After the terrible earthquake, many young people fled. I want to reverse this negative trend. Children are our future, new families will be the building blocks of our shrinking community, so we encourage those with more children to apply ”, details the mayor of the city to our colleagues from CNN.

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In the middle of the green hills and the countryside, Teora still shelters some vestiges of its historical and cultural heritage.



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