UK removes VAT on hygiene protection following Brexit

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The UK has officially abolished the tax on sanitary protection. This is one of the first effects of Brexit. This decision comes in fact just a few days after the country’s official exit from the European Union. Previously, a European directive made it impossible to come into force.

The UK had wanted to remove VAT on tampons and sanitary napkins since 2015. However, the country was bound by EU laws which imposed a minimum 5% tax on sanitary products. After Brexit, it is therefore not without pride that the Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak announced the news in a press release. “I am proud that today we are keeping our promise to eliminate the stamp tax. Hygienic products are essential, so it is normal not to charge VAT “, did he declare.

The finance ministry estimates that removing this tax will save about 40 pounds, or about 45 euros, for every woman in her lifetime. This is a great victory for defenders of women’s rights. ” It’s been a long way to get there, but the sexist tax that saw hygiene products classified as luxury, non-essentials, may finally be relegated to the history books Said Felicia Willow, Executive Director of the Fawcett Society, a women’s rights society.

It should be noted that for the past year, hygienic protections have been distributed to women in schools, public universities and public hospitals in the United Kingdom. In Scotland, there is even a law which allows women to benefit from hygienic protection for free.

UK removes VAT on hygiene protection following Brexit

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