Weight loss traps: Food that makes you hungry

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We eat food in order to live – and of course we like it because it tastes good. However, many people try to keep a slim figure and not eat more than they absolutely have to. But in fact there are some foods that miss their real purpose: satiety. Instead, they even tempt you to eat more than you need to satisfy yourself! A stab in the back for anyone trying to save calories. We’ll tell you, which foods make you hungry instead of satiating, which have many hidden calories – and how nasty Slimming traps can easily be avoided.

7 Loss of weight traps at a glance

1. breakfast cereals

Muesli and cornflakes are on the breakfast table of many families. Why not, after all cereals are healthy, filling and quickly made thanks to the extensive selection in the supermarket.

But unfortunately the finished products are not really healthy. They contain a tremendous amount of sugar and also consist of short-chain carbohydrates, which cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate. This quickly restores your appetite, so this classic breakfast is more likely to make you hungry than satiated.

Better: Prepare your own muesli, perhaps with some fresh fruit. This way your breakfast will be healthy and satiating much longer. The definitely better start to the day.

Here we will tell you how you can make your own muesli.

Another breakfast idea for your diet is oatmeal. You can find out why this is so in the video:

That’s why oatmeal for breakfast makes you slim

That’s why oatmeal for breakfast makes you slim

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2. fruit juices

Juice is also gladly served for breakfast. It contains vitamins and is super tasty, which is why it quickly happens that the relatively high number of calories is overlooked. However, most juices have had a large part of the fruit flesh removed during production. What remains is a high content of fructose or Fructose. This keeps the appetite centre in the brain active and the feeling of satiety does not occur.

Better: Prepare yourself a delicious smoothie – without extra sugar, of course. The smoothie has as many calories as juice, but the pulp it contains actually makes you feel full.

3. white flour products

Baguette, pasta and cake are delicious, but unfortunately anything but good for the figure. White flour no longer contains any peels or grains, which means that they completely lack fibre. White flour products cause the blood sugar level to rise rapidly – and then fall again just as quickly. In no time at all, the feeling of hunger returns.

Better: Products made from wholemeal flour. Although they have just as many calories, they will keep you full longer due to the fibre they contain. While two to three slices of wholemeal bread are usually enough to satisfy hunger, baguettes should have three to four more slices – and thus more calories. Meanwhile there are also numerous other alternatives to wheat flour, including low-carb varieties.

4. glutamate

Whether in ready meals, sausages or at the Asian snack around the corner: glutamate is hidden in many dishes. But this flavour enhancer really has it all.

It blocks the receptors of the satiety hormone leptin by absorption through food. The Appetite regulation is blocked – the feeling of satiety is a long time coming. On top of that, it does not last very long. Food with glutamate makes you hungry and is a real weight loss trap. You can find out here whether flavour enhancers are really unhealthy.

Better: Cook your own meals instead of using ready-made meals. So you always know what is in your food. In restaurants, you can also simply ask the service department whether glutamate is included in your desired dish.

5. light drinks

While a normal soft drink has an average of around 40 calories per 100 ml, light drinks have practically no calories. Just the right thing for a diet – isn’t it?

Light drinks are known to be controversial for a long time and in fact they are not so suitable for a diet. This is due to the sweetener they contain. This signals to the brain: Here comes sugar. Immediately the insulin level increases – but the “promised” sugar is not supplied to the body, the need remains unsatisfied. As a result, the desire and even the ravenous appetite for sweets – the enemy of any diet – develops very quickly. And there are also rumours that light drinks could be dangerous. What’s behind all this…

Better: Treat yourself to a glass of real lemonade in between. If you pay attention to the amount, it will not harm your figure. It is even better, of course, if you drink water with lemon or tea.

6. alcoholic beverages

Alcohol is unhealthy – that should not be too much news. It is probably equally common that alcohol damages the slim line. For one thing. many calorieson the other hand, he does a lot of other things with his body.

Alcohol leads to hypoglycaemia and stimulates kidney activity. People go to the toilet more often. Not only water but also minerals are removed from the body. The body is eager to make up for this deficit of salts and co – by craving for hearty snacks such as crisps and co. A double reason to renounce alcohol if you want to lose the pounds.

Better: Non-alcoholic beer. But if it has to be a drink with revolutions, then you better choose distilled alcoholic beverages, such as schnapps, gin or rum. These (unlike beer, wine and sparkling wine) do not stimulate the production of gastric acid and do not trigger feelings of hunger as quickly.

7. coffee specialities

This category does not make more hungry, but caution is advised. Even more than fruit juice or an alcoholic soft drink, coffee is the Germans’ favourite drink. But coffee is not just coffee! While a cup of coffee contains 0 calories, most other specialties have a lot of calories. Just think of caramel macchiato, etc. Most of these delicacies are made with milk, sugar and, for example, syrup – and in no time at all the 0 calories mentioned above become 150 calories or even more. If you have more than one cup, you will quickly have the calories of a dinner.

Better: Of course, the easiest way is to drink your coffee black during your diet. But there are other possibilities! Replace classic cow’s milk with unsweetened almond milk, for example. This usually contains no carbohydrates and hardly any calories. There are also sweet alternatives if you want to avoid classic sugar.


Avoid these 7 foods if you want to lose weight successfully. They are real weight loss traps! If you are hungry, watch the video to see which 10 foods will help you lose weight:

10 Foods that help you lose weight

10 Foods that help you lose weight

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The latest videos from BILD der FRAU

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Weight loss traps: Food that makes you hungry

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