Home Sex Life What is “jelqing”, the disturbing (and useless) technique to enlarge your penis?

What is “jelqing”, the disturbing (and useless) technique to enlarge your penis?


Psycho and sexo

A phenomenon that has the gift of worrying more and more sexologists. Decryption.

And for a few more centimeters… To have a bigger penis, some people are ready for anything. The men are even more likely to indulge in a rather crude technique to try to achieve this: “jelqing”. The idea? Using his index finger and thumb, we pull on his device while it is very close to an erection. The blood flow would thus give it a boost. A gesture that arouses the indignation of health professionals.

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Do you know the JELQ? Pull on the semi-erect penis by making movements as if to ‘milk’ in the hope of lengthening it “, Gilbert Bou Jaoudé, a worried doctor, explains to us on Twitter. The publication echoes an opinion formulated by the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) last July to shed light on the phenomenon.

Boasted on some forums like Reddit or jeuxvideo.com, jelqing – some would spend up to 20 minutes – would at best cause scars, pain and deformities, at worst Peyronie’s disease. The latter generates a curvature which can make the sex completely powerless. ” If there was an effective technique to increase the size of the sex of men, it would be known“, Recalls Gilbert Bou Jaoudé in Science and the Future. Wise words …


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